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Introduction to Dance  Therapy

April 18, 2021,  18:00 - 21:30 (CET), Online

$40 until April 12, $50 after

In this course taught for the 92Y Harkness Dance Center New York, you will both experience and learn about the field of dance movement therapy - its origins, framework and basic processes - and take away some creative tools for navigating uncertain times.  

Sunday 'Light'

Yoga and Movement Workshop

May 9, 2021,  14:00- 17:00 (CET)

€ 60

Led by Corinne Ott and Ann Moradian in Saint-Cloud, France

This is an invitation to come together in person in a small group (8 max), as we have not for a long time, for the joy and pleasure of moving together. This workshop integrates yoga and movement exploration to help us ease back into our bodies, back together and a little closer to nature. 

In English et en français.

Corinne Ott, M.A. Dance Movement Therapist, 200-RYT yoga, Professor of Dance Movement Therapy at Université Sorbonne -Descartes, 92Y Harkness Dance Center New York, Centre National de Danse Thérapie, Montréal. 


Ann Moradian, M.A. Dance Education, 200-ERY, movement artist and researcher (Director, Perspectives In Motion/ Founder, ShinGaia Yoga)

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